The 4 Musketeers – French Connection in Donbass (EN)

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Four men sitting in the room when I enter it. It smells of gun oil and sweat. A sniper rifle leans in the corner and Kalashnikows lying on mattresses on the floor. The four stand up and greet me. At first restrained – I’m a German journalist. On the way here we are raced through the ghostly Donetsk. The fighting has increased in recent days. Each point in the city is now a target for GRAD and artillery. Just that day begins a continuous bombardment, which is a new level for the city.

Mica, Guillome, Nicolas and Victor are voluntary in the Donbass. Guillome speaks fluent English, so that we can communicate. My French is limited to general phrases that are not suitable for an interview. We clarify details and start talking. I take pictures while the camera crew prepared. Slowly we are connecting.

Then I ask them – according to general things like name and origin, and finally we dive together into the war. Into their motivation to come here, into their arrival and the associated difficulties. They tell me of the warm welcome by the inhabitants of the Donbass and the first shelling, over which they have previously even joking. They soon realized that „war“ means suffering. Especially for the civilians. Too often they have seen the victims that the bombing of Donetsk demands among the countless men, women and children. Too often I’ve seen it too. We share the same experiences.

We dive into their views on Europe and they reveal to me THEIR vision of this continent. A vision of liberty, equality and brotherhood of all people without giving up national identities and preserving the traditions and values ​​-. a vision of a new, peaceful Europe.

I do not know who of them D’Artagnan is – they are all equally valuable people. And I’m glad to have met them and talked to them.

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