The guilt of „let-it-happen“

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Are you guilty if you kill someone? If a bullet leaves the barrel of your gun and erases a life? If you see the other one’s face while you pull the trigger? Without a doubt, yes.

Are you also guilty if you fire a grenade from your howitzer, that strikes somewhere 30 km further and leaves shattered bodies? Even if you do not see the impact, even if you have never seen the faces of the torn victims before? Without a doubt, yes.

Are you just as guilty, if you open the bomb pit of your fighter to spread your deadly load and let the hell rain down on earth? Even if the land beneath you looks like a map and you cannot see from your height anyone you might hit? Without a doubt, yes.

Yes, you’re guilty. And no „I was only following orders.“ can ever erase your own guilt.

But are you also guilty if you march only with a flag through the streets, throwing Molotov cocktails and yelling for the death of your enemies, without killing by yourself? If you scream for vengeance and retaliation for a wrong which has never happened to you, of which you have heard only once maybe? Are you then also guilty, even though you do not pull the trigger of a gun, if you do not fire a grenade and do not throw bombs? Without a doubt, yes.

Or are you also guilty if you attack dissenters, kick and beat them, humiliate and abase them, just because they are not of your opinion and not join in your yelling for blood? Without a doubt, yes.

Are you guilty even if you just sit at home and daily fight against your supposed opponents in the networks, trying to discredit them and suppress substantive discussions by personal attacks, if you run out of arguments? If you put your point of view over all and make your truth the only valid and you „electronically“ scream for blood and death and shout „Slaughter them all!“ instead of demanding for peace, dialogue and self-determination rights? Although you do not shoot, do not hit, do not throw Molotov cocktails? Without a doubt, yes.

Yes, you’re guilty. And no excuse „But they have told on the news that they are the enemies.“ can ever erase your own guilt.

Are you innocent then, if you do not do all this? If you take no weapon in your hand, not wearing a uniform? If you wave no flag, not march through the city and not shout slogans? If you do not fight in the network war and kill other opinions? If you really only live your life, go to work, watch the news and then zap to the soccer game? If you only open your beer or take your glass of wine in your hand in your warm living room and say, „It does not interest me.“ or „I have no idea what’s going on.“ or „Yes, that’s bad.“, and then not thinking about it? Are you innocent then?

No, you’re guilty. Because you let it happen and you do nothing about it.

Even YOU are to blame for the death of more than 4,000 civilians alone in the Donbass. To blame for thousands of casualties. To blame for mentally maimed and traumatized people. To blame for hunger and thirst and cold, roaming the ruins. To blame for the war! YOU ARE GUILTY!

Look at yourself, because there are not the big players who deserve attention. Not the Obamas, Merkels, Junckers in the world. Not even the gray eminences of high finance as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. They are all guilty, even if never a bullet left the barrel of a gun, which they may hold in their hands, to wipe out a life. They are guilty because they deploy the seed, so that YOU can become guilty. Because you shoot, because you scream, because you demand blood and mainly because you let it happen. Look at yourself.

I know why it is so hard for you to accept that there are perhaps only the ordinary people in the Donbass, who defend their country, their language, their values, ​​their ideals. They do it because they WANT it, wholeheartedly, without them the „aggressor from the eastern empire of evil“ has „given“ this war. They fight for themselves, for their children. It is so hard because you’d have to accept your guilt. And who among us wants to be guilty?

I am also guilty – guilty for not having done more to show people what’s really going on here in the Donbass. Guilty for not having written some things. Guilty for not having shot many a photo.

We are guilty! Because it happens. Because we let it happen …

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  1. Thanks for this article. Yes. I’m guilty. I’m guilty for not doing enough to stop this war. The problem is I don’t know what to do more… I know what is happening, I saw the pictures and videos… How can I help these people??? By telling the people in Germany here what’s happening? I did. They don’t want to listen. Give me a weapon, which kills war instead of people and I am willing to do anything, so that the poor people finally may have peace in Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine… real peace….

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