The long summer of 2014


It seems to me that one day in about fifty years, when I have grown-up children and young grand-children, they will sit in my lap and I will be telling them about the war of my long-gone youth. I will tell them how we were hiding from shelling. How we sat in the bathroom, because we had no basement. How the window panes shook. How the tears were flowing. How everyone prayed.

I will shout it out, for the whole world to hear!

I will tell them how scared I was. How in the course of the summer I learnt the names of all the surrounding towns by the roaring of “Grads”. How I could not sleep because of growling of tanks in the streets. I would like people to hear and understand! I will tell them about my constant headaches. About my mother’s weeping as she read the news in her timeline. How my brother picked shell fragments around our block of apartments. How I counted the shell crater in the yard. I would like each Nazi to be ASHAMED, and to feel PAIN deep in his heart!

I will tell them about children, who screamed as they ran into basements. I will tell them about people leaving the town. How they abandoned their relatives, houses and their belongings. How our town became empty. How men, women and very young guys went to defend their Motherland.

I will teach people to love PEACE and LIFE! I will tell them how people called the militiamen heroes. How the grannies sang Russian anthem and the songs of the times of WWII in the yards. How in response to the phrase “make a wish, a star is falling”, each inhabitant of Makeyevka made the same wish.

I will explain to everyone what happened in Donbass in the summer of two thousand and fourteen. I will tell them about the first words of my teacher on seeing me after the long summer: “Oksanka, you are alive!” And how I found out that I was happy to be going to school.

Some day in about fifty ears time my children and grand-children will hear many terrible stories about the war which happened in my long-gone youth. And may God grant that this awe never happened again and never affected our descendants!

Oksana Kulikova, a student of the 11th B grade of School No 53 in Makeyevka for the school news paper “Sparta”, October of 2014


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