Yuri in Donetsk is still alive …

German Version

… but it’s a miracle. When I arrived at Kirovsky district today, I could not believe my eyes. The area was heavily bombed last night. Small shops and vehicles were literally torn into pieces. The shelling came clearly from the west.

But what I saw then made me completely speechless at first. I have seen countless destroyed homes in and around Donetsk, smelled the death there, I knelt before the mangled and burned bodies of the people to retain their last image against forgetting for the world. When I entered the apartment on the 7th floor, I expected everything, but not to meet its resident Yuri alive.

His apartment was hit DIRECTLY by 2 rockets! And Yuri has survived. He slept in the bed under the window. I have spoken to him.

Others unfortunately have not survived last night in Donetsk. What a madness …

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