Kievs Ukraine – dark, cold and unteachable

Guest contribution by Evelin Piètza
(Edited/Translation/Pictures: Mark Bartalmai)

German Version

There is a difference between the Donbass and the rest of Ukraine – the bombs on the cities. Otherwise, the area developed in the West and in the middle of the country rapidly in an extremely bad direction – of course, especially for the people. Ukraine is just going to go with drums and trumpets down the drain while freezing.

Ukraine freezes …

… while the Cabinet of Ministers must hold its anti-Russian meetings in Russian language. And the rest of Ukraine will light only after a specified schedule! well then … „salami Ukraine“ – or something like that …

Anti-Russian meeting in Russian language


It is supposed to be a particularly cold winter, so the predictions, but in the Verkhovna Rada warm themselves by beating themselves. Thereby one can sometimes even forget that the rest of the country is only shivering – because of cold and without heating above all. Thus, to be not forgotten, people screaming already so loud that you can hear it almost in a warm and cozy hall of the government building. In this room the first meeting in the Cabinet of Ministers had now way be conducted entirely in Russian language, because (believe it or not) not all „out-of-foreign-imported-new“ Employees of the Cabinet of Ministers understand the Ukrainian language. Thus, the anti-Russian government was forced to conduct their anti-Russia debate in Russian language. Haha – well then „Slava Ukraine“. Works quite well, I’d say. (Oh, and Yatsenyuk has tried to solve the problem using English language but that was understood even less.)

No cash, no coal


That thing with the coal from the Donbass just does not work – so at least not as easy as they would expect in Kiev. The head of the coal mining industry of the DNR does not understand how Kiev come on a sum of 2 million tons of coal, which they allegedly had still in the coal storages of the Donbass and could only pick it up.

Of this, namely, nobody knows anything in the Donbass and in addition they are really angry. Not only the Ukies have bombed them half the country, also have half the population driven away – not to mention all the victims. And now they want them empty evacuate the storages? No, there has been the „Russian-speaking“ Rada probably reckoned without the guardians of the Donbass storages. Because they stick to it – „no coal without cash“.

Now Kiev tries it again with Poland. Even if they had to realize that Poland will provide coal to Ukraine in NO case to credit, that is probably the last alternative. Negotiations with Russia are also in progress, but it could be that it is the next summer long before these negotiations are completed. The problem of Ukraine is, that they somehow do not understand that it is not possible to make the whole world responsible for that the oligarchs in Kiev put the money exclusively in their own pockets while the people crashes in a social abyss.

For Ukrainians, it is currently impossible of course, to buy coal anywhere in the country. Not good if you have a furnace at home, just does not want to be warm. What do you do? Right! You go to the nearest forest and bring wood. Hm, just a shame that the forests of Ukraine are all state-owned and therefore „stealing“ wood is severely punished. Now the courts have much to do and people still have a cold shack.

The freedom to choose suicide


Yes, the Ukrainian has only the freedom to freeze … everything else is ruled out more and more. At last, the country needs now almost a separate wood protection Army. But who should pay? Well, yes it is soon saved money, because the first reform package has just been submitted to the Rada. If this is approved, the Ukrainians should probably choose the way of their kind of suicide voluntarily, because this package is rock hard. The reduction of the school years from now on from 11 years to 9 years shows the direction already! The retirement age has been increased for men by 10 years and for women by 5 years. If they’re not frozen or starved to death, so they achieve with great difficulty the pension in the future. This is the way, one can kill an entire people. (Tomorrow we will report more on this.)


„It’s a gas, gas, gas, America!“

The gas problem in Ukraine is not yet solved, so they thought: why not ask our new friend America, if they could not deliver LNG by ship from the States. „Yeah, of course,“ the American said. „Buy our expensive gas and let your people are starving for it.“ Now Ukraine began to build diligently on a specially terminal in the port of Odessa, which should be completed next year. All were happy andhugged themselves and have been dreaming of it, that the Russians will soon cry big tears if Ukraine is supplied by America. But – oops – suddenly there was a loud bang. Everyone started screaming. Oh dear, Turkey said simply „NO! No transit permit for more American ships.“ Oops, trouble is determined soon if Turkey is now the spoilsport and America’s business destroyer. Looks like that soon a new American „democracy and freedom wave“ Turkey will reach.

Literally Dark Prospects

2014-12-04 17.21.44

But if the whole mess in Ukraine now leads to that people see what is going on there is a real doubt, because it is very dark there and for „enlightenment“ there are now also special rules. „Ukrenergo“ recently published the new electricity timetable for Ukrainians. There are now new restrictions on the consumption of electricity. From now on, electricity for the people it’s only from 8:00 to 11:00 and from 16.00 bis 22.00 o’clock (of course excluded Kiev – there are only the poor suburbs affected, not the area where the „elite of the country“ lives!)

Everything seems better for the „separatists“. The People’s Republic of Lugansk has now managed to convert their power supply and is thus independent of the Ukraine. No blackmail from Kiev anymore, because in the future Lugansk gets electricity from Russia.
Lately there have been attacks on the plant which has ensured the power supply to Lugansk. The insane Battalion „Aydar“ have repeatedly threatened to blow up the entire plant. Now „Aydar“ can do it whenever they want. Lugansk will hold even the lamp for them.

By the way, yesterday was leaked that in January 2015 is to be a new tax of 30% on luxury goods in Ukraine, IF the buyer CANNOT PROVE the ORIGIN of  the money. Ukraine called this „European way of taxation“ (??) and is looking forward to the additional revenue. Good luck.

Evelin Piètza

Evelin Piètza

Evelin Piètza

Journalistin, Publizistin, Fotografin

  • bereits seit 30 Jahren politisch aktiv
  • seit 20 Jahren vorwiegend mit den Konflikten und Kriegen der ganzen Welt beschäftigt
  • seit mehr als 10 Jahren in Publizistik tätig


“Das Leid dieser Welt. Wenn man es nicht mehr sehen kann, sollte man erst recht nicht wegschauen! Mein Fokus liegt vornehmlich auf der Friedenspolitik, wobei ich da dem Grundsatz folge, dass man sich intensiv mit den Kriegen dieser Welt auseinander setzen muss, bevor man den Frieden erreicht bzw. über ihn reden kann. Denn ich bin der Meinung, dass nur eine umfangreiche Aufklärung der Menschen es möglich machen wird, dass sie sich immer weniger instrumentalisieren lassen. Was dann zur Folge hätte, dass Kriege so einfach nicht mehr durchführbar wären. Durch meine Arbeit als Friedensaktivistin konnte ich mir im Laufe der Jahre ein sehr umfangreiches Netzwerk aufbauen und stehe daher mittlerweile in Kontakt mit deutschsprachigen Aktivisten aus 23 Ländern dieser Welt sowie mit über 30 unabhängigen Journalisten. Und dieses unersetzbares Netzwerk bereichert mein Wirken natürlich sehr”.
Evelin Piètza

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