US-krainian manual: How to extinguish a nation

By Evelin Piètza and Mark Bartalmai

German Version

The „reform package“ of the new „imported“ Ukrainian government

The long-awaited reform, about which so many marrowy speeches were made on the Maidan, while the „people“ for the „new freedom“ jumped like brainless rubber balls will finally come. They have eagerly been waiting for the last few weeks and the last blue and yellow color was painted on the railing of the bridges, as they wanted themselves to be absolutely sure not to forget the country in which they live in.

The new government is of course much more honest than the old one. So that everyone understands, they have imported specially „hardworking and honest“ policy helpers from the United States, Lithuania and Georgia for more honesty to gain, to jointly initiate with them the highly esteemed and much-needed „reform“, to bring the country finally the longed „freedom“ and especially Western standards.

It is up to now, although only a reform proposal, which was placed in a public aircraft from overseas directly to Ukraine, but this document can make history. It is the common „work“ of the IMF, the US and EU. A characterization only with phrases like „tighten their belts“ is not really possible, even though we will probably hear this trivializing name like a mantra often within the next weeks. If this reform proposal is actually implemented, one should insist on a precise characterization, because it is in fact a plan for genocide against the Ukrainians – a kind of manual for „social and spiritual starvation“ and the extinction of an entire people by law. And there will be no shooting, no sound of battle will be heard – the Ukrainian people will be buried quietly.

The new Minister of Social Policy Paul Rozenko (COB) has confirmed, that the plan for the slow strangulation of Ukraine and the impoverishment of the Ukrainians is already discussed in governmental meetings and will soon be probably the new reality of Ukraine. It is therefore not surprising that the new vice-speaker of the Rada, Oksana Syroyed, has proposed to hold these meetings excluding of press and public.

What follows is unfortunately no Kremlin propaganda, but the pure reality of Ukraine in the future. Here is a brief and yet „not very“ complete list of changes for Ukraine.

1. Amendments to the Constitution

1.1. Reduce the number of MPs from 450 to 150 persons
This probably should all be excluded that do not represent the new reform ideas.

1.2. Reduce the term of compulsory education in comprehensive schools from 11 to 9 years
The argument: The best school is the school of life.
It was also stated that in Europe in some countries children learn only until 15 or 16 years. In Georgia there is only compulsory education even up to 12 years. Yes, that’s right. Imagine, on the Maidan nothing but educated young people had been. Unthinkable. Thereby clearing the way to the educative weakening of the nation. They become perfect, ignorant and stupid slaves, do not have to think, but only very dutifully execute the commands „of the upper class“.

1.3. Exclude rules on free educational and medical services
Given the amount of the minimum pension (960 -UAH, about 48, -EUR) and the minimum wage (1,218, -UAH, about 61, – EUR), the Ukrainian people can not afford some treatment for sickness in the future. That is the bottom line – nothing else than that the poor and the weak are selected. In addition, there will be no political force in the future, which will fight for the social needs of the people in the Rada, since (as described above) MPs are reduced and the lustration in the country does the rest. In addition, the new government will therefore immediately eliminate the breeding ground for social and hunger riots of Chernobyl victims, retirees, veterans and patients with serious diseases. No protests without demonstrators.

1.4. Exclude rules prohibiting network of institutions reduction in educational and medical services
In the future, Ukraine must not only not treat all the sick people; Ukraine does not have to ensure that all citizens really learn to read and write and get serious education also. Because they only committed to ensure an education system up to 15 years (in the future you will probably follow the Georgian example).

But that’s not all. In addition to constitutional amendment the „reformers“ are about to change various laws. First of all to change the laws that guarantee some support to the now „useless people“. So it is directly against the poor and the sick. Modern euthanasia.

5. Legislative amendments in humanitarian sphere

5.1. Chernobyl catastrophe victims?! They must tighten their belts – ideally around their necks.
Ukraine cancels the zone of reinforced radiological control (Zone 4) and reconsider borders of radioactive contamination zones caused by Chernobyl accident; cancel benefits due to Chernobyl catastrophe victims.

5.2. Patients?! A fee for meals during treatment of citizens in hospitals will be established. Well, if one can not afford the the treatment and medicine anyway that will not matter because one will be not benefit from a hospital stay.

5.3. Young athletes?! If you still want to do sports, your parents have to pay dearly for your desire of sport in the future. Ok, you are allowed to have free run around the school yard, everything else must be paid. But you will learn that exercise is not required and if you do still want you can you secure a place in the army soon!

5.4. Student scholarships?! Scholarships for the next year no longer exists. Who wants to study, must strive for a scholarship abroad.

5.5. School lunches?! As of now there is no free lunch for younger students in schools anymore.
It is time for you to finally forget the old, nostalgic Soviet rules. Your parents are certainly be able to provide you a sandwich and some tea. Free food is available only for orphans in the future.

5.6. Student and teacher transport to school?! None of you will go to school by public transport for free in the future. But since the sport will cost in the future anyway a lot of money, you could run. So you solve both problems at once.

5.7. Citizens?! Subsidies for retirement benefits / pensions are cancelled, there will be only specific help (which is not yet sure).

5.8. Teachers?! In the future they will be „allowed“ to work more for the same money.

5.9. Athlets?! The amount of the prize money will be reduced by half.

5.10. State employees?! You will be less significant. For hospitals and schools will close, there will be fewer students and sick people (see 3. Constitutional amendments and 5.2 Patients). And who should do your job in the future, if one leaves school with 15 years?

5.11. Scientists?! Co-payments for academic degrees and titles are deleted. Do not bother to new discoveries – it is not the time to strain your brains.

5.12 Workers?! Do not worry about the pension – you will work until the end!
The preferred retirement age for women is increased by 5 years and for men by 7 years (but they also think about 10 years for men). „Working“ until death. The result is improved savings in the state budget.

5.13 „Heroes“ of Maidan?! Benefits are to be paid only to those families of soldiers who were killed as a member of ATO units. Maidan victims get no money.

5.14. Pensioners?! The pension is re-calculated on the basis of pension contributions paid and not on the basis of wages. Maybe it’s a step towards to complete abolishing of the solidarity; just as in Georgia.

5.15. Children?! A special financial assistance to fund recovery in youth facilities for social vulnerable families is to be cancelled without replacement.

5.16. Unemployed people?! Unemployment benefit is reduced by 15 to 20 percent. Go to work! Yatsenyuk has anyway long been promised to introduce compulsory labor service.

5.17. New mothers?! In the past there was financial support for all. Now a new way: support only considering the income!

5.18. Single mothers?! They now need to prove that they are „really qualified“ for this benefit (whatever the „prove“ looks like). The status alone is not enough. There is no money for just being a single mother.

5.19. Police?! You will be reduced to a number of 110,000 policemen. Join the army of unemployed and migrant workers!

5.20. National Guard?! You will be reduced from 60,000 to a number of 40,000 servicemen. But this is not difficult: many of you have been left behind and rot there on the battlefields of the ATO anyway.

5.21 Soldiers of ATO?! For your „heroics“ the award was reduced by 40 percent. One consolation – in the event of your death, your family will receive the support, BUT only if they can prove that you were not killed drunken during a brawl in the course of the ATO.

5.22. Public funding?! The rules for public funding of education, science and health are abolished.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of Maidan- „achievements“. But it helps to understand the scope of the expected government „reforms“. It is noteworthy that the media hide this „reform package“, which will be even more terrible than the effects of ATO in the Donbass. While the Donbass might eventually can recover from the effects of war, it will be just the beginning of hunger and death for tens of thousands in the rest of Ukraine.

Welcome to the „Western standards“ of the 21st century. May you rest in peace, people of Ukraine.


The (KILLing) Bill - Download it here (English Version)

The (KILLing) Bill – Download it here (English Version)

„The (KILLing) Bill“ – expected savings of Ukrainian state budget by simply strangling the own people – Download PDF here (English version)


Evelin Piètza

Evelin Piètza

Evelin Piètza

Journalistin, Publizistin, Fotografin

  • bereits seit 30 Jahren politisch aktiv
  • seit 20 Jahren vorwiegend mit den Konflikten und Kriegen der ganzen Welt beschäftigt
  • seit mehr als 10 Jahren in Publizistik tätig


“Das Leid dieser Welt. Wenn man es nicht mehr sehen kann, sollte man erst recht nicht wegschauen! Mein Fokus liegt vornehmlich auf der Friedenspolitik, wobei ich da dem Grundsatz folge, dass man sich intensiv mit den Kriegen dieser Welt auseinander setzen muss, bevor man den Frieden erreicht bzw. über ihn reden kann. Denn ich bin der Meinung, dass nur eine umfangreiche Aufklärung der Menschen es möglich machen wird, dass sie sich immer weniger instrumentalisieren lassen. Was dann zur Folge hätte, dass Kriege so einfach nicht mehr durchführbar wären. Durch meine Arbeit als Friedensaktivistin konnte ich mir im Laufe der Jahre ein sehr umfangreiches Netzwerk aufbauen und stehe daher mittlerweile in Kontakt mit deutschsprachigen Aktivisten aus 23 Ländern dieser Welt sowie mit über 30 unabhängigen Journalisten. Und dieses unersetzbares Netzwerk bereichert mein Wirken natürlich sehr”.
Evelin Piètza

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