#Debaltseve, February 2015 – The complete album


20.02.2015 Debaltseve after liberation | First humanitarian aid arrived in the city

#Debaltseve was incredibly close to a humanitarian catastrophe. Up to 20,000 people desperately need help. #DNR and Russian #МЧС do ANYTHING that is possible. By still continuing fightings we needed on 20/02/2015 5 h with the very first truck to get to Debaltseve. It’s crazy cold. People are provided with first food and heated tents and temporary shelters. Furthermore, water and diesel generators for electricity for recharging of i. e. mobile phones. The Russian МЧС has opened a vast shelter camp  in the middle of the ruined city. Russian МЧС Minister was there even locally. 11 trucks were expected on 02/20/2015 there.

Debaltseve has been excluded from the Minsk negotiations on ESPECIALLY desire of Poroshenko. Only hours after the ceasefire Debaltseve was taken even under massive attack by Ukrainian troops to prevent a possible rise of Opolchenie. The bombardment lasted 5 days until Opolchenie liberated the town. Debaltseve has NEVER been bombed by the Opolchenie.

To imagine what is POSSIBLE, is certainly not easy.
When you sit in the cold winter in a warm house, it’s hard to imagine to stand the cold outside. Yo shiver at the thought alone.Open the door and go. You’ll see that it’s not so bad if you keep moving.
When you’re gone for a while, it gets harder. Walk on.
When you’re gone even longer and really want to go back. Walk on.
If you think you can not walk anymore, walk on.
If you think you can stand no longer the cold, walk on.
If you get hungry, walk on.
If torments of thirst, walk on.
If the fever shakes you, walk on.
If your body is numb from the pain, walk on.
If you stagger with fatigue, walk on.
Walk on, no matter what. Just walk.

Who would willingly endure if he knew he could always turn back? Hardly anyone.

But if you do NOT COULD return, if the shells howl, the bombs are falling, the wounded cry in the street in pain and agony, when the streets are burning and the impacts come closer, if you believe that there is no God and no mercy in this world, if you’re all alone, because everyone is fighting for his own life – then you walk on, for hours, days, even hundreds or thousands of kilometers if need be. Believe me, you walk on.

Europe will be like that soon…

It does not matter what year it is. This is not a local conflict, there is no „conflict by military means“, not sporadic fighting, no surgical „From remote-bombing“ ONE target – it’s a real, full-grown, horrible war. And if the mobile network is down, if you need to run on foot through the ruins, when there is no electricity and no water and nothing with which one can heat, then 2015 is the same as in 1945 or earlier years. There is no difference. This war gives a shit on technological progress. If everything does not work anymore it is just you, the bombs and your bare life.

Such was Amwrosiiwka.
Such was Ilovaisk.
Such was Starobezhovo.
Such was Slawyansk.
Such was Kramatorsk.
Such was Lugansk.
Such was Debaltseve.

That is Donbass.

And Europe will be like that soon.

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