Our new film: „Frontline city Donetsk – Republica non grata“

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Please help us with our new film.

We are working on our film „Frontline city Donetsk – Republica non grata“ and at the same time on more than 10 reportages accompanying the film which are also addressed in the film.


We will show:
– Civilian life near and far from the frontline
– The actual military and security situation
– The attempts of state building in the DNR

We need support to finish the film and the reports by the summer. The film is to be made also again available for free later. The reports are then to be then released concomitantly of the film as a limited series and are dedicated to topics.

Currently there is no way into the mainstream. Our material (although for the most part even unique) is „not wanted“. More prevailing view, I was something of an opponent. Your financial help is needed (accounts see below).

The film and the reports, inter alia, consist of the following topics:

– Human rights, torture and ill-treatment in captivity
– The role of the OSCE
– Civilian life near and far from the frontline
– Military operations and military structures
– Work in mines – Black heart of the Donbass
– The supply situation and „shopping“ in Donetsk
– State Regulations – police and security structures
– The jurisdiction of the Republic – prosecutors, lawyers, judges and court proceedings
– Identities in Donbass – passports and license plate numbers
– Medical supply situation
– Education policy – schools and universities
– Culture and festivals

We show how life really is in Donetsk and the surrounding areas. We show how the war affects the region though life can not be choked. We show how something arises like a state out of a combat zone.

Help our film and the reports that they may arise. Thank you in advance!


4100 1192 2699 694

Kontoinhaber: Ninel Oystrakh
IBAN: DE45760100850521412856

Ninel Oystrakh
5469 3800 1770 4247

Kategorien:English, Ukraine

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