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Visit of the Death

German Version Death lives next door. Today he came to visit me and together we inspected and cataloged the objects that I have collected on the battlefields of Amvrosiivka and Ilovaisk for the planned exhibition. I’ll never forget those fields. We talked a little, the Death and me. I […]

The long summer of 2014

It seems to me that one day in about fifty years, when I have grown-up children and young grand-children, they will sit in my lap and I will be telling them about the war of my long-gone youth. I will tell them how we were hiding from shelling. […]

The children of Donetsk (EN)

German Version | Русская версия Three girls sitting in front of my camera. Shy you might think. But this shyness is something else – they are traumatized. From a war that does not exist actually, if you would believe the western and German media. A war in Europe that no […]