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Ways to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs are insects that are disturb the peace of human beings by sucking their blood. No room is off-limits, so you should make sure to thoroughly check them. These insects are really good in hiding.

Bed bugs have a really bad smell.

This is when you will think that they are actually bites from bed bugs. Some people will have irritating itchiness that will not stop and thus you will know that the bites are caused by bed bugs.

They are fast you will not even notice that a bed bug just bit you.

You should look for bed bug fecal matter in your bed sheet and your mattress.

If you see bed bug eggs around your mattress you will definitely know that there are bed bugs in your house. They are also oval in shape. Bed bug eggs are mainly found along the edge of your bed frame, in the folds of your mattress cover, and also in the crack of a mattress.

Skin castings are also known as shell castings. They are easier to find.